The Best Pressure Washer Nozzle

The Best Pressure Washer Nozzle

Cleaning or home maintenance is one chore that never really ends. No matter how clean your window siding or driveway is at the moment, dirt is always accumulating even when you can't see it. Similarly, vehicles get exposed to the elements and other materials daily that leave all sorts of dirt on them. Thankfully, one can use a pressure washer to quickly get rid of these tough dirt residues.

High Pressure washer uses a pump and water to create powerful water jets that wash dirt and other stains from concrete, wooden, and metal surfaces. These machines are designed for different purposes, which is why it has various attachments and nozzles designed for specific needs.

This article will discuss the various pressure washer nozzles and attachments that you can use. Please keep on reading to find out more.

Nozzle Color Coding for Pressure Washers

Although a pressure washer’s power is determined by the kind of engine it uses, the noodle affects the water pressure and angle of the water jet.

The angle is important because it affects the effectiveness of the pressure washer. In simpler terms, a narrow-angle spray provides more pressure and speed than a large-angle spray. So, how can you tell what nozzle is best for a certain activity?

Thankfully, pressure water nozzles have a color code that's recognized universally. This means that the color code remains the same in every country.

Black Nozzles

A black nozzle has a 65-degree spray angle. This nozzle produces the lightest water spray. It is ideal for spraying water over a surface to get it wet, but it won't get rid of tough dirt and stains.

White Nozzles

When you see a nozzle painted white, it means that it produces a 40-degree spray. It is often considered one of the most user-friendly noozles because it is ideal for windows, siding, and another home exterior you may want to wash clean.

Green Noodles

Green tips are more effective than white tips, and they are excellent for all the cleaning in your household that requires a pressure washer. This nozzle produces a 25-degree spray, and is capable of cleaning your car or washing off the mildew and other dirt on your deck or patio furniture.

Yellow Noozles

Yellow noozles have a 15-degree angle, which means higher pressure. A yellow tip is what you need when you need to wash dirt off your driveway, and other concrete surfaces.

Red Noodles

Read tips have the narrowest zero-degree angle. As the narrowest nozzle, it sprays a highly-pressured stream of water that can do a lot of damage when used up close. So, avoid using this tip on light surfaces, old surfaces, people, pets, or plants.

Recommended Pressure Washer Attachments

Some of the best-specialized noodles and pressure washer attachments we recommend include:

Soap Reservoir

A soap or detergent reservoir can be attached to the pressure washer to add cleaning chemicals to the water spray. However, you need to use a nozzle with mild pressure for this attachment to prevent any damages cleaning chemicals can cause if they enter a surface.

Expandable Wand

This is especially useful for reaching high surfaces. You just attach the expandable wand, and you will be able to wash off high surfaces without a ladder.

Rotary Nozzle

This attachment produces a spinning zero-degree water jet. The rotary nozzle is also known as a turbo nozzle because the force of the water and the rotation makes it easy to remove accumulated dirt and seemingly permanent stains.

Final Verdict

In the end, the best nozzle or attachment for your pressure washer depends on what you intend to do. If you wish to clean tough surfaces, a yellow or red nozzle may be what you need. Also, you can attach an expandable wand to your pressure washer to make sure no dirty surface is beyond your reach. Just ensure that you're using the right tools to get the most out of your high pressure washer.