Spanakorizo (Greek Spinach and Rice)

by Marceline
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Spanakorizo (Greek Spinach and Rice)

Spanakorizo, or Greek Spinach and Rice, is a delicious, healthy, vegan Greek side dish or plant-based main course, flavored with fresh lemon and dill. This version uses a few tricks for fast cooking time: green onions (which also add great flavor), basmati rice (which cooks quickly), and baby spinach (which has a very mild taste and doesn’t require washing or chopping). Spanakorizo is the perfect side dish to grilled chicken or shrimp, or on its own as a light meal!

If you’re looking for the PERFECT side dish to almost anything, look no further than Spanakorizo, or Greek Spinach and Rice.

Greek Spinach and Rice is packed with healthy spinach, boosted with flavor from lemon and dill. I like drizzling it with extra-virgin olive oil at the end and garnishing with some crumbled feta, fresh herbs, and sliced green onion.

Traditional, authentic Spanakorizo is often made with mature chopped spinach and converted rice, but I like using baby spinach for its mild flavor and faster cooking time, and basmati rice which cooks really fast with a fluffy, light texture.

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