Valorant Launch New Map: The Breeze

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - April 26, 2021

It looks like the Valorant players are starting to get bored with the same map. Since the arrival of Ice Box five months ago, there has been no breath of fresh air for players other than the Battle Pass update. You see, the entire map has been known in detail and will definitely make players feel bored with stagnant gameplay.

Riot Games also answered players’ complaints about the map that it was confirmed that a new map would appear soon, called The Breeze. On their Twitter account, the grid about this new map has also been revealed with a caption that reads “Feel the Breeze.” There is a picture with the appearance of the inn with a tropical feel.

From the official trailer posted on the Youtube Fatman – Valorant account, it can be seen that this new map will be quite extensive. Possibly it looks like an Ascent but with a different nuance. At the site there is a large area with two pyramids. Later, players can take advantage of the many objectives in this map as protection when installing or turning off Spike.

Do not stop there, there are many spots to monitor the enemy in The Breeze which makes the match even harder, especially for campers who really like to stay in one location waiting for the enemy.

It is not yet known how many sites will be available at The Breeze, it looks like there will only be two given the area where the Spike is planted. The exception is a small Site like in the Haven map. Even though it is only a possibility, it is possible that Riot Games will present a map with three sites. The problem is that so far only Haven has been available.

If later on there are three sites, the match will definitely be more exciting and tense when you see how wide the paths are in each location. The Agent experts also seem to have to start tinkering with the placement of skills to set up.

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