The Cayo Perico Heist Allows Players to Play GTA V Online Solo

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The strategy to release single-player DLC for the GTA series seems no longer a priority for Rockstar after the release of the fifth series which “refuses to die” despite its aging age. They are clearly focused on continuing to push GTA Online content as the main focus, which is effective in serving as a fantastic store of money for Rockstar and Take Two Interactive. But there is something different with the latest GTA Online update entitled “The Cayo Perico Heist”, which also includes a new location in it. For the first time, the heist mission in this update can be completed solo. This means, you don’t have to team up online to get it done.

Talked with GQ, the design director of Rockstar North – Scott Butchard that they plan to bring more solo content such as to GTA Online in the future. Butchard said that a design like this had actually been requested by fans a long time ago. The freedom to try missions like this solo or multiplayer will facilitate these two distinct needs.

Of course, each of these modes will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Playing solo means taking all the loot on your own, but having to face the hassle of doing things on your own. Meanwhile, gamers who enjoy it in a cooperative format will be able to do many things at once. Butchard also expressed his interest in injecting a single-player style story with a similar concept in GTA Online later.

GTA V is a game that has “aged”, no one can deny this fact. Revolutionary through a three-character system, still maintains a solid criminal game taste, and for the first time trying to enter the online realm while maintaining the existing open-world taste, he deserves the title of being one of the best open-world games ever. . What’s cool again? He is still selling well until now, as evidenced by the frequency with which this game is included in the 10 best-selling games in the UK market.

Based on the latest information released by the developer – Rockstar Games, the update to GTA Online – “Diamond Casino & Resort” is a huge success. How successful? Enough to make the number of GTA Online players soar so high, that it broke the record for the highest number of GTA Online players since its release in 2013. Not only breaking the record for the peak number of players daily, but also weekly. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games themselves don’t share how much exactly that number is. One thing is for sure, this makes GTA V’s popularity seem to never sink.


Rockstar Donates Their Income To Help Covid Organization

The world is indeed in an unsafe condition. The fact that the threat cannot be seen with the naked eye seems to add to the amplification of the anxiety that has been awakened by its initial nature, is indeed dangerous. Humans like it or not, must start to adapt to this unusual condition. That’s right, we are talking about the spread of a new variant of the flu virus – COVID-19, which, at the time of writing, does not yet have an effective vaccine. Fortunately, this complicated condition made many parties start to collaborate and work together to combat the same source of problems, including those who live in the game industry like Rockstar, for example.

To help with the fight and response to COVID-19, Rockstar announced that it will donate 5% of the total revenue earned by the online modes of its two flagship games – GTA Online and Red Dead Online, which were collected from April 1 2020 – May 31, 2020. It will calculate all the real money gamers have spent on both games, from buying digital currency to specific cosmetic items. But unfortunately, Rockstar doesn’t share the details to which organizations this money leads.

This is certainly a positive step that deserves to be welcomed with open arms, especially considering that the amount of revenue that Rockstar has earned through GTA Online and Red Dead Online is considered massive. How about you? How many of you are still in the two games?

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