Outriders: Awesome Game For Looter-Shooter Fans

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Welcome to the future, where the earth is no longer a pleasant “home” for humans. In the name of looking for a new habitable planet, humans then pooled resources and built a space exploration project that made a planet named Enoch as a destination. You act as one of the humans who are involved in this expedition project and want to make sure it is safe for the arrival of more humans in the future.

The first humans to land on Enoch were later referred to as the Outriders. Unfortunately, instead of discovering a beautiful planet as discussed, the first humans of Enoch discovered a potentially threatening energy storm anomaly. Attempts to warn other human beings are followed by acts of betrayal that expose your character and fortunately survive the same energy storm. In a state of unconsciousness, he was then put to sleep in a cyro-static room.

After sleeping for about 31 years, Outriders (the character you use) awakens and has now managed to absorb the anomalous energy from the previous storm as a new power base. He has to deal with the sad sight of Enoch’s failed colonization process, where humans have become targets of monsters and military groups who are now divided into factions. Teamed up with those who managed to survive, the Outriders are now trapped in an important mission to create a “second chance” for humanity in Enoch. The key? A mysterious radio signal that continues to be heard behind the anomalous energy storm that never stops.

Presentation That Doesn’t Look Special

Being available for the latest generation of platforms doesn’t necessarily make Outriders look like a dazzling game. It must be admitted, regardless of the variant of the world that you are going to pass through, which incidentally is divided from one hub to another according to the progress of the story, it will not appear as a game which from a visual point of view deserves to be discussed. The world that he is carrying does indeed carry a lot of mysterious architecture that is enough to make you wonder about what happened in Enoch during your 31 years of sleep. But he didn’t come up with a presentation that was dramatic enough, for example, to be quiet and take in the sights he had to offer.

People Can Fly unfortunately, building character designs and enemies are also not that special. Most of the characters you meet come with post-apocalyptic costume designs that are dirty, dark, dark, and completely devoid of noteworthy creativity. With a story that revolves around the same theme, even the efforts to make it “lighter” through humor here and there also end up feeling crisp. The same thing also comes from enemy designs, humans or monsters, which also come with minimal variants. But for this last business, at least the design is clear enough to provide instant information about what types and attacks you can anticipate from each of them.

The good news? Not all sides of this presentation turned out to be bad. We like and appreciate at least two things from a visual standpoint – armor designs and weapons that you can pursue as part of the loot. With the appearance that changes according to the equipment you wear, the armor and weapon designs that are divided into various levels of rarity, at least look cool when worn. You can see and clearly distinguish which armor and weapons are at the Legendary rarity level and which are just at the Epic and Rare level.

Another extra appreciation also deserves to be directed to the animation of various skills that can be accessed by 4 different Outriders classes. Even though they are not at the same level, like Pyromancer’s attacks, which are partially concerned with waves of fire and ash that look so ordinary, at least one class like Trickster has a special visualization. A class that does play with time and space, for example, can create a time bubble that will slow down anyone and anything in it or passing it. Seeing how hundreds of machine gun bullets move slowly in these bubbles is always amazing, especially considering that you can now dodge them like Neo in the Matrix.

Unfortunately, the quality of the Outriders audio presentation is equally unimportant. There are many weapons with sounds that are quite unique indeed, but when you are fighting with 2 other players with the same type of weapon and a myriad of enemies, the sound of this effect can end up being a noise that your ears won’t just accept. Standard voice acting and music are not that memorable throughout the game, except for the main theme music that accompanies you on the login screen, making this one side of the presentation unmemorable for us. At the very least, it fulfills what we need from it in the capacity it should be.

Bullet Rain

Outriders is not a difficult game to understand. Carrying a concept that has actually been offered by many similar games in the past, it is an “action RPG” game based on a third person shooter where the bullets you spit will also generate damage numbers on the screen. The enemy is present in the HP bar that is present in the range “It takes a few bullets to kill” to “it takes hundreds of bullets to finish” which each faction, also has variants of attack types and of course, bosses and mini-bosses to finish off. Together with this third person-shooter system, you can also use the cover system for safer actions.

What is unique is the fact that since its initial introduction, People Can Fly has emphasized that Outriders is not a Games as a Service. This means that from the moment you buy it, you are presented with a story that has a final conclusion without any need to improve it through additional content. The story moves from one hub to another, where each hub will usually give you several side missions, criminal and monster hunting missions, and the main mission needed to move the narrative. Of course, there are interesting rewards that are worth pursuing there.

Like any action RPG game, you will be given a certain amount of EXP for two different categories – character and World Tier. Character means a conventional leveling system that will not only strengthen your character in terms of status, but also give Skill Points that can be distributed to existing branches based on the class you choose or unlock stronger Skill variants. You can also seek help and use mod from here. While World Tier can be simplified as “World level” where the higher it is, the harder the game you have to live. However, this difficulty level will be justified with better loot and a much more challenging game. The relationship between World Tier and the sweet loot we’ll talk about later.

Then the Outriders experience will be as straightforward as you can read here. You always have the option of completing a side mission or not, which will not affect the final story you get, but in the end it will require you to clear one area after another as the main story demands. The loot and the level you reach will strengthen you with unparalleled enjoyment, seeing the damage numbers you can spawn have now risen dramatically. The enemy will come challenging by the number that attack you at once, as well as several attack specialists such as Sniper who will be able to cut your HP effectively from a distance. Along with the high World Tier, this challenge will get a significant escalation with every increase.

One bad news? Despite the fact that the stories offered are linear and can be solved alone, Outriders is still an always-online game. This means, you will be required to have a stable internet to be able to taste it smoothly. This also means that you may not be able to enjoy this game whenever you want if suddenly Outriders’ servers are having problems, for example. Something that happened at the beginning of the release and it must be admitted is really annoying.

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