Granblue Fantasy – Beautiful RPG Fighting Game from Arc System Works

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The name Granblue Fantasy in the mobile market is no longer something foreign. Super attractive female character designs with high-level “waifu” qualities attract millions of gamers around the world to plunge into its gacha vortex. For some other gamers, this is a trap with no way out that continues to occupy their attention and time until now. But interestingly, the owner of the franchise – Cygames is now trying to expand the popularity of Granblue Fantasy to a more serious platform by partnering with some experienced developers. One of them came from a fighting game veteran – Arc System Works via the latest title, Granblue Fantasy Versus.

As gamers who never jumped into their mobile / browser games, Versus managed to make us fall in love at first sight. Arc System Works’ fantastic effort to translate two-dimensional character designs into a three-dimensional format ended fantastically, with a super thick anime flavor and smooth attack animations. While in terms of gameplay, the mechanics that he carries offer an opportunity for newcomer gamers to enjoy it, but also a layer deep enough for those who want to be serious. Everything is wrapped in a unique mode that tries to simulate the sensation of an RPG in the original series.

So, what does Granblue Fantasy Versus actually offer? Why did we choose the tagline “believe in winning” to describe it? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.



Unlike most fighting games that offer a story mode via Arcade or “Campaign” mode, which usually includes a side story in it, regardless of whether it is cinematic or not, Granblue Fantasy Versus comes with a different approach. It still carries Arcade mode, but it ends up being just a battle mode against AI in a sequence that you can choose from. The real story is presented in a mode which we’ll talk more about later – RPG Mode.

Interestingly, he made no effort to explain everything from the start. You only get a little lore about her world and then immediately dive into the adventure of the main character – Gran to protect a special girl named Lyria. On their way, they encountered a strange phenomenon. There are so many supporting characters that they had encountered in the past now suddenly don’t recognize them at all. They behave, act, and talk like strangers for mysterious reasons. Some of them didn’t even hesitate to take up arms against Gran and Lyria herself.

Based on information from the super strong entities that they managed to subdue and get their memories back – Primal Beasts, Gran and Lyria finally learned that a mysterious dark force was at work behind this one phenomenon. That their ability to change memories does not only happen to ordinary characters, but also Primal Beasts who do have extraordinarily strong abilities. As can be predicted, on their way across different territories, Gran and Lyria are trying to find out who is responsible. And of course by using their abilities, trying to subdue it.

So, who is actually responsible for this one mystery? Can Gran and Lyria return him to his original position? What challenges have they had to face? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing this Granblue Fantasy Versus RPG Mode.



“Believe in Victory!” is the slogan that Arc System Works chooses to open every battle in Granblue Fantasy Versus. With all the qualities it offers for this fighting game, they also seem to carry the same sentence and instill it during the development process. Granblue Fantasy Versus comes as a solid fighting game with almost perfect element execution, from visual and audio presentations, fan-service, RPG mode which turns out to be quite unique and addictive, especially with the online co-op mode that he carries, interesting collectibles to collect. , dramatic cinematic attack animations, to beginner-friendly fighting mechanics that offer immersive strategy for veterans. Granblue Fantasy Versus has succeeded in making those of us who are not too familiar with this series fall in love with it.

But unfortunately, he also created an unfortunate thorny problem. That Cygames seems to understand the strengths of the Granblue Fantasy franchise and how interesting characters can always be further exploited in paid DLC format. We ourselves do not object to strategy like in other fighting games. But for a fighting game that only has 11 characters in it, which doesn’t have a character unlock system as a reward and doesn’t have any customization features that can change fighting styles, this is a disaster. Other complaints may have roots in the balancing process, such as the Lowain case we discussed earlier, which had not yet been addressed at the time of writing.

Regardless of these shortcomings, we will not hesitate to recommend you to dive into Granblue Fantasy Versus regardless of whether you are familiar or not with the existing source material. Arc System Works again proves why they are one of the best fighting game developers on the market with a high commitment to the quality they create.

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