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Social Games - Poplaramber88 - January 14, 2021

When was the last time you got so addicted to a particular application? As for American teenagers in 2013/2014, they were very addicted to Hago. FYI, Hago is a social game that contains various types of fun and challenging games.

What makes Hago a social game is because of its features that don’t just play. Apart from playing together, you can also communicate with users from all over the world.

In Indonesia, this game itself has become a trend since the beginning of 2018. The excitement of playing games while making friends is certainly the reason why Hago is easily accepted and attracts Indonesian netizens.

Now, using Hago isn’t just about playing games and making friends. Playing Hago can also earn money, you know. Curious how? Check out the full description below that has been collected by Braintology writers from various sources.

Does Play Hago Make Money?

In the shadow of most gamers, there are several things that can be done to get money from games. It can be from selling rare items, characters, to getting into the gaming industry as a caster, pro player, or streamer.

If we open the Hago game, it might be hard to believe if we can get money from the game which can be said to be just for fun. For some pro players, the games that can be played at Hago are certainly less challenging.

Now, for social games like Hago, this application also offers you incentives that can give users a cash prize. Hago’s incentive system is fairly simple: just play the available games, get coins as prizes, then you can win prizes.

In addition, you can also take advantage of third-party applications so that playing Hago can earn money. Want to know how to do it?

How to Play Hago to Get Money 2019

As explained above, Hago provides various features that are guaranteed to make users addicted. Starting from playing games, forming a circle of friends or as a social network, to giving you the opportunity to earn money.

For the latter, there are two ways you can use it. The first method has been explained, namely by winning a lot of matches so you can collect as many coins as possible. Later, you can exchange these coins for prizes that can be sold in cash.

While the second way, you need the help of a third application. For the steps, see the description below.

Download and install the Lucky Miner application

For this second method, you first need to download the Lucky Miner application. You can download this application via the Play Store or App Store.

Reading the description of the application on the Play Store, Lucky Miner is an application that offers you the opportunity to earn money just by playing games on a smartphone.

You just have to choose the game you like, then play it. Well, the more often you play it, the more coins you will get. Later, you can exchange these coins for any prizes you want.

However, if you already have the Hago game, it’s best to uninstall it first. Why? So that later you can download Hago via the Lucky Miner application.

Install Hago from Lucky Miner

If you have installed this application, login to the application using your email address. When you have successfully entered the application start page, click the Menu in the form of 3 horizontal lines located on the upper left side. In it, you will find the Hago game. Well, just install this game from the application.

To download it, click the button that says Play & Collect which is below the Hago caption. After that, you will be taken to the PlayStore page to download Hago. Install as you usually install games or applications from the Play Store.

No need to be afraid of being deceived. Reading reviews of users of this application on the Play Store page, we can be a little relieved. The reason is, the application that has been downloaded by more than 1 million users has received positive responses from more than 50 thousand users.

This positive response also made the Lucky Miner application entitled to a 4.2 rating. So, just download and install this application on the smartphone you are using.

How to use Lucky Miner, so playing Hago can earn money

If the Hago application is installed, open Lucky Miner again. Open the menu page, then you will find the Hago application.

Open the Hago application, then you just play the games you like. Later, you will get a coin prize. If a certain amount of coins have been collected, you can exchange them for United States dollars and will be paid via a PayPal account.

To be sure, the longer you play Hago, the more coins you collect, the faster you will be to exchange these coins for dollars.

A way to cash out coins into money in Hago

If a large number of coins have been collected, you can exchange them for dollars to be paid via a PayPal account. For how to withdraw, click Menu on the Lucky Miner main page.

After that, next to the box containing the Coins that you have collected, tap the ‘$’ icon located on the left. Then you will be taken to the payment page. On this page, contains only the PayPal icon. Tap the icon.

If so, a list of the nominal coins needed and the dollar amount that you can get will appear. The smallest nominal value is USD 0.5 which you can get just by exchanging 4999 coins. Meanwhile, the highest nominal value is USD20 which can be exchanged for 182667 coins.

Now, choose a nominal amount that matches the coins you have. Tap the box containing the coin description, then you will be taken to log in to your PayPal account. So, you also need to have PayPal so you can get money playing Hago.

If you already have one, enter your PayPal address, then tap the Next box. Later, the amount of money will automatically go to your PayPal account. To be sure, you can see the number of coins has decreased. And if you are still in doubt, just open the email, then there will be an incoming email containing a notification if funds enter your PayPal account.

Well, that’s how to play Hago to get money 2019. Indeed, you must have a PayPal account in order to withdraw the money you get. However, if you really like to play and want to get additional pocket money, there’s nothing wrong with making it a little complicated, right?

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