The Sims Social (My Own Reflection)

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - July 24, 2020

The last two months, with a fad and curious spirit, I ventured to register a game on FB, a game that doesn’t think much, doesn’t have a lot of strategy, doesn’t sweat a lot to play it, just by clicking on the computer click-click is for me who don’t really like playing games). That game is The Sims Social.

The first time I knew the Sims as an ordinary PC game, was from my brother who was a game enthusiast. The Sims themselves are the same. In essence, in the game the concept is very simple, make a character, then the character is given a buit capital, can be to buy land, build a house, buy furniture, change the appearance, arrange the house, etc., can even find more money so that the house can be bigger , added a lot of relationships, added a lot of skills, can picnic, eh eh ehhh can “foling in loph” also the other characters, hmm feels like in the real world.

Now if the Sims Social is on Facebook, because many FB friends play, so I’m also interested in trying their luck, who knows how to get a beautiful towel, while I can get online every day.

I made a character that I dreamed of, a creative woman, short brown haired, fair skin, brown eyes, medium nose, glasses, wearing a medium dress, also very ordinary alias, something like my own physical image about a year ago.

With the available capital, I built my humble home, I increased my money little by little by working in planting, caring for, harvesting, creating songs with guitars, writing blogs and articles in newspapers, repairing damaged goods, and making dishes. I added my friends, both those I knew and those I did not know. I saw in the row of friends at the bottom of my sims page, how come there are numbers 36 K, 40 K, there are even 85 K, what is that? I watched again, and I learned more. Seconds by seconds in my free time, I use to learn the Sims. Apparently it shows the value of the house. Immediately in my mind I do not want to lose with friends like that. Let’s work again to get a lot of money, so that my house is nice and has good things.

Because the name is Sims Social, it means it has to be social too yeah, then I play around with friends so that my social value also increases. Do not forget to also send and deliver gifts to friends. It turns out that there are other values ‚Äč‚Äčthat must be met in order to become a character that becomes inspired (cool language), which must improve the mood of FUN, SOCIAL, HYGIENE, HUNGER, SLEEP, and BLADDER. If it is equated with conditions in the real world, maybe a human should maintain diet, maintain body hygiene, manage time “wasting water”, keep the mood always happy and fun, set time to rest, and maintain relationships with friends around.

So a creation of the Sims Social game is a masterpiece for me.

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