The Sims 4: Addicting but Boring at the Same Time

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Controlling other people’s lives always attracts someone’s attention, both on a large scale, such as government or on a small scale, such as households. Likewise in the game world. There are clear psychological reasons for the reason gamers like to play RPG genre games, online games, and open world adventure games. They like to be involved in making a world other than the one they live in. Often on a high emotional level.


A new life in the Sims world awaits you.


The Sims 4 fully understands the psychological side of humans and offers the opportunity to live as “Sims” in a new world. Sims do not have a life as complex as real humans, but all that is enough to bind the players for an extraordinary long time as has been proven in the previous game series. That’s why The Sims franchise is a product with huge sales in the world.

The new series should have better quality, at least that is often true of home and office products. However, this is not the case with games. Often increasing age (serial number) means new stories and backgrounds, new game engines, and the wisdom of new game publishers. Moreover, Electronic Arts as publisher of The Sims 4 has a new marketing policy which is quite detrimental from the consumer side.


The most obvious case and has happened is Simcity some time ago. Everything that makes this city building simulation game franchise so fantastic is dwarfed by Electronic Arts. As a result, the failure of the product was one of the reasons for the resignation of the CEO of the giant publisher. All simply because the game wants to squeeze more money out of gamers’ pockets via paid downloadable content; buy content so that gamers finally complete the incomplete game.

Will all of that happen in The Sims 4? This game series was already well-known before, with a lot of additional paid content; but to add new furniture or features, not “updating” the game so that it becomes feasible.


Live the Sims Life


Sims life begins to run after you choose the house to live in. The area you can choose from is divided into two and each is divided into several blocks. Choosing a place to live does not always have to be a ready-made house. You can also choose vacant land and build your dream house yourself.

However, the beginning of your life is equipped with limited money. So, the big house that you can build is certainly not as grand as you dreamed. At least you can save quite a lot if the size is minimalist and choose cheap furniture. At least until more money is raised.


The device to build the dream house has increased in terms of its simplicity. Several new building tools make creating innovative shaped homes much easier. In addition, you can also choose a room package that has been provided with games, complete with furniture.

The quality of the furniture you choose has an immediate impact on the Sims using it. A better refrigerator can provide the best groceries. Likewise with the comfort provided by the best mattress or chair. Same with the original world, the more expensive the better. It will also affect the Sims mood.


Sims’ lives don’t just depend on furniture. He also needs to improve his abilities or skills in everything he does. For example, you can cook to increase related skills. There are quite a number of skills you can learn. The higher the level, the better the result.

Meeting the needs of the body, such as hunger, hygiene, social, and recreation is much friendlier than the previous series. So, you can concentrate more on doing other fun activities. Especially in completing the tasks given by the Sims moodlet.


The Sims moodlet system provides a kind of quest for you to work on. Usually all of this has to do with the aspirations and traits you chose when creating your Sims. When you choose a musician, you have the task of improving your musical skills. Successfully run it and you will get satisfaction points and raise the mood to be positive.

You can exchange your satisfaction points for attractive prizes later. All of these prizes are very useful in the game. For example, you don’t need to sleep anymore, learn skills quickly, read faster, and don’t need to go to the toilet anymore. That’s why it’s very important to complete the quests given by the moodlet.


Sims are also given new facilities to communicate. Now they can do activities and talk at the same time. For example, they can play chess while talking with two Sims. Or speak in groups of five Sims. So, now having relationships with many Sims is even faster.




The Sims 4 is a life simulation that is very fun to play. Several new features have succeeded in improving and simplifying the procedures that previously took up time to play. Now you can invest more time in improving your skills and pursuing Sims’ life goals.


However, The Sims 4 also has its drawbacks. Now the playing area is more limited than the previous series. The areas you can explore are limited to blocks in the city. If you want to move to another block, then you have to call a taxi and enter the loading screen. The Open World concept that was brought by The Sims 3 was eliminated and returned to a compartmentalized world.

Some of the content that was usually found in previous The Sims series has also disappeared, such as the ability to create swimming pools and own vehicles. It seems that the content will be included in paid download content, same is the case with SimCity. However, seeing the tendency of past The Sims players who didn’t care about how much money they had to spend for their favorite Sims, it seems that Electronic Arts has found a new cash cow to fill their money coffers.

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