Second Life Review 2020

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This money-making game is a unique game, Second Life Game, which gives the feel of real life in the game, such as our daily activities and so on.

Second Life is a three-dimensional (3D) internet-based simulation game that gives the user the opportunity to create a virtual new life according to their individual imaginations. You can visit the Second Life site via this link.

Second Life Game was created by a well-known game developer from San Francisco, Linden Lab, where at the end of 2019 this game had reached more than one million active users from all over the world in various countries.

Simply put, this game is a simulation for us to imagine in our second life after our real life, and the most exciting part of this game is that we can make money, you know.

It is almost similar to an RPG game, but in Second Life Game there is no violent action of killing each other to win a race, but in this game we only become someone who carries out activities like humans in the real world.

This money-making game without deposit is one of the games that many enjoy doing, for someone who has a wild imagination with life really likes games like this. Besides that, in this game you can become someone you might not be able to achieve in the real world.

History of Second Life Game

Philip Linden in 1999 created a hardware company called Linden Lab, which aims to invite all internet users to immerse themselves in the fun of cyberspace. Then Linden changed the vision to software, namely Linden World, which aims to make users participate and socialize in a 3D-based online environment in cyberspace.

Then in 2001 Linden launched Secon Life and unfortunately it grew slowly and only had 1.5 million registered users in 2006. Then with the changes made, Linden World finally has a lot of registered users, although not necessarily long-term customers.

Second Life Game enthusiasts

In general, this game is aimed at users aged 16+ and above, except for school children aged 13-15 years who are restricted in the Second Life area of ​​the censorship agency. Second Life users, also called residents, create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and can interact with other places, objects, and avatars.

They can explore the world (which is known as a grid), meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, build houses, shop, and trade virtual properties with each other’s services. The currency in this game is Linden Dollars which can be exchanged for real money.

Second Life uses English that can change and update consistently, you can start registering and live a new life or you can even start living according to your real life representation. After registering you can get acquainted with family members of the Linden Lab and of course only virtually.

Become Another Character

SL or Second Life users will be referred to as Residents, then especially residents who have just registered and become residents, are required to learn all the rules in Second Life. Like making character gestures and characteristics, then you can also create cool physical shapes and qualities, you know.

Disadvantages of Second Life Game

Unfortunately Linden Lab also wants to get income from the games they have made, the brand sets a price called dues every month worth 10 dollars, yes it’s quite expensive but if you are interested in getting good results then this value will be very cheap when compared to the results later .

A Place to Make Friends

One of the cool things about this game is getting acquainted, by being a resident of the Second Life Game you can get acquainted with other residents virtually, not just after chatting virtually you can get their cellphone contacts or social media accounts and can make real friends, you know.

Real Business!

You won’t think that Second Life Game can also be used as a very cool business medium, how come, even if you do business virtually, you can find the money for real. Suppose you buy Second Life land and houses, even though your land is only in the game but the money is real and the real value.

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