Minecraft Teach Players to Apply Social Distancing

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - September 1, 2020

Currently the corona virus problem has really become a global problem. Social Distancing or maintaining social distancing as one of the prevention. Although sometimes some people still don’t understand the importance of social distancing to prevent corona and instead go to crowded places.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social distancing has become imperative to keep people from spreading the virus. It can be difficult to understand best practices for social distancing. However, a free Minecraft map offers training and an explanation of the importance of social distancing.

Blockdown Simulator, available on Minecraft’s Java Edition, was created by design and innovation firm AKQA. Where you can see a village inundated with infectious zombies. You can play as observer or nurse. There is a tower located in the middle of the village which can produce more villagers or zombies, raise and lower houses, and open and open doors. There is a hospital under the village that can kill residents whose inhabitants are infected, but there is limited space and other villagers must remain unaffected to avoid overcrowding.

Even though its creators say it’s not designed to simulate a real-world pandemic. The goal of Blockdown Simulator is to demonstrate the importance of social distancing and how failure to do so can render healthcare workers unable to care for the sick. Since Blockdown Simulator uses Minecraft Java Edition, it is not available on newer platforms that use Bedrock Edition. This includes PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, those who play it are more advised to have a mod version.

Therefore, this simulation can be used as a lesson to understand social distancing indirectly. Moreover, those who may still not understand the importance of this in the midst of the current world epidemic. Hopefully this game can provide a pretty good description and education about social distancing.

Meanwhile Microsoft is also developing new features for Minecraft. Microsoft is a very large technology company. It also has strength in the gaming industry thanks to its subsidiary that makes game consoles, namely Xbox. Microsoft’s excellence in the technology industry has also boosted the Xbox market, especially in America and Europe.

Microsoft has decided to move forward, discontinuing new content from Minecraft: Education Edition and adding language to a new kind of Education category on the Minecraft Marketplace. All of this will be included free of charge to anyone who owns the game. There are many worlds in it that teach various knowledge. The content is like marine biology, renewable, Greek history, etc.

“With hundreds of millions of children at home due to coronavirus-related school closings, more and more children are online to spend time with their friends, explore the world online and learn through games. Families seek to navigate the need to help their children with distance learning and balance with making time for fun. That’s why we’re announcing today that we’re adding a new Education category to the Minecraft Marketplace with free educational content players and parents can download, ”said Xbox Boss Phil Spencer.

Therefore, this is a very interesting corona virus prevention measure. Because it combines aspects of education and entertainment, plus supports the corona virus prevention program. hope that more educational content will be released by the gaming industry like this Microsoft action.

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