Minecraft Phenomenon: Returned to Fame

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - November 5, 2020

Minecraft is arguably an old game at the moment, but suddenly in the last few months this game from Mojang has returned to trending and has become the talk of many gamers. Not only is it a meme, but many have returned to playing the game after several years of not touching it.

How did this happen, what is driving Minecraft’s relevance and popularity back to the top? Here are some reasons!


Remove from cringe status

Sometimes many of us choose not to play a game because of the reputation of the fanbase. Fanbase quality certainly doesn’t determine the quality of the game itself, but they can damage people’s perspectives on a product that makes players or potential players reluctant to touch the product.

The pinnacle of Minecraft’s popularity took place around 2012-2014. It was during this period that Minecraft began to be seen as a game filled with young children. The word “cringe” adorns the gaming community due to a collection of content such as song covers, let’s play and compilation at an outrageous convention that circulates on the internet, the majority of which are starred by young children who do not realize that their actions will become the laughing stock of teenagers on social media.

Gradually, the status shifted to the new popular game that you may have guessed – Fortnite, at least in the west. With the growing popularity of the battle royale game from Epic Games, more and more players from Minecraft are turning their backs. The more players who turn away, the less cringe levels that pollute Minecraft. In the end, Fortnite is now Minecraft’s new successor to its fanbase full of kids, while Minecraft seems to be “cool” again as it was in the beginning.


New Content

I mentioned that 2012-2014 was the pinnacle of Minecraft. You could say that the years 2015-2018 were the ups and downs for this sandbox game. Whether it’s because of previous “cringe” reasons or just because of boredom, the 2015-2018 period was a time when many veteran players left the game.

When you return to a game you haven’t touched in a long time, the first thing you’ll want to find out is how different the current version is from the version you last played. Minecraft in 2019 has a myriad of content that can make veteran players feel at home to come back.

The new updates that have been released in recent years not only add new blocks or new mobs, but also add a variety of new mechanics that make the game feel new again to play. The main game may still be the same as what was played 4-5 years ago, but the variables for what can be done next have now drastically increased due to the heap of content being added in the last few years.



If you played Minecraft for the first time when you were a child, chances are that you are a teenager or even an adult by now. Games have been around for 10 years, you may not even realize how fast time is running.

For games that are still active until 10 years later, of course there will be many players who feel nostalgic about the game and remember their good times with the game.

As I’ve mentioned before, the golden age of Minecraft occurred in 2011-2014, so it’s only natural that many will miss their memories of this game and decide to taste it again at least for a moment to see what has changed.


PewDiePie domino effect

Being the biggest independent Youtuber today, whatever Felix does has a great opportunity to become trending in the future. Felix is ​​initially seen playing Minecraft “non-ironically”, most likely as a joke to prove that he is still an “epic gamer” and Youtubers like Grandayy continue to make memes via this game. What started as a joke, unexpectedly turned into the beginning of the revival of the old game’s relevance,

PewDiePie in June released its first video of Let’s play Minecraft after years of not touching it. Unexpectedly, the video received a positive response, generated lots of views and the most important thing for him was that he felt happy making the video. Shortly after the Minecraft content he uploaded became popular, like dominoes, another group of YouTubers followed in his footsteps. Is it for views or because you feel interested in revisiting the game.

Not only that, but a collection of memes about Minecraft is starting to spread again. Perhaps the most popular of which is the meme about the lyrics of the parody song “Revenge” by CaptainSparklez.

The combination of PewDiePie’s domino effect and the collection of memes that spread after him playing the game seems more than enough to make this game rise again as if it was in 2011.


For a game that was originally built by a single person, Minecraft’s enduring popularity is something that deserves a thumbs up. Now the question that arises is how long will games remain popular or will games forever become one of the icons in the modern era of gaming?

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