Gardens of Time Facebook Games (Old)

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - August 4, 2020

Facebook is a social networking site that is widely used by people in this world. Facebook in Indonesia is the second most frequently opened site by internet users, so to compete with Facebook, other social networks must try even harder. There are many features available on Facebook, ranging from chat, video chat, messages, share photos, videos and the latest is the Facebook Timeline feature. In addition to these features, Facebook is also a social network in which there are various entertainment, such as applications and games. There are also many people who play games on Facebook, ranging from children to adults. I often see a variety of games played on Facebook, some even continue to play for a full day. Though in my opinion the game is less exciting.

The game on Facebook that I often see played by people is the Gardens of Time game. This game genre is Hidden Object Game, which is a game that requires us to find hidden objects. The story of this game is there is a group that protects time travel from time to time.

Then this group looks for people to be recruited to become their new members, namely us. Next we will be given the task of traveling to distant countries to find hidden objects lost at that time, for example to the Pyramids in Egypt, the Hanging Gardens in Babylon, the Big Ben Clock Tower at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London, and many others. We can also make our map or garden complete with finding various objects. we can build lost civilizations in our Garden, so that these lost civilizations can now be rebuilt in our Garden.

It’s not easy and it’s not difficult to play this game too, because the most important thing is our accuracy in finding hidden objects in various places. This game also helps us to practice accuracy, accuracy and speed, so that we can become accustomed to it all. Although this game has its benefits, but don’t overdo it in playing the game huh. Not just for this game, but for all games, because the game is only for entertainment plus other bonuses, like sharpening the brain and others.

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