Fair Play on Multiplayer Games

General - Poplaramber88 - November 23, 2020

Not only in the real world, good ethical behavior is also very necessary when we play online games. Sometimes we feel indifferent and indifferent to this ethical matter because we always think it’s just a game, and well .. it’s just a game.

But, one thing we need to realize here is: it’s not just us playing there – there are other people too. And of course, they are all human beings with feelings. So you can be sure that good attitude and ethics are very important when playing an online game.

Through this article, I would like to share with readers all the positive attitudes that you should adopt when playing online games.

  1. Turn off CAPSLOCK, use as needed

Although the aim is to make what you write clear so that it can be read clearly by the person you are targeting, overusing a capslock is considered very rude. In the world of the Internet, messages written in CAPITAL LETTERS are ALL no different from screaming in the real world. In addition, you will indirectly look like you are emotional or grumbling. So, use the capslock as needed, do not keep “screaming”.

  1. Chat as needed

Don’t be selfish when using chat facilities in the online games you play. Give the other players the opportunity to get their message across. Chats that are carried out continuously in a short period of time are usually referred to as “floods” by online game players. Just imagine, your one chat column is full of chats from the same person, with the same content, are you comfortable? I can’t stand it.

Usually the flood action is done by people who are busy looking for a party dungeon. In addition, the chat is always full of those whose sales are not selling well. They will scream all day long until the item they sell is sold. This stuff is really annoying. It is recommended to limit chats to, for example, once every 5 minutes or more. Always remember, the residents in the game are not just us.

  1. Say thank you

Cultivate the habit of always saying thank you to those who help you. Two simple words of gratitude will make people feel appreciated. And what is clear, someday they will not hesitate to help us come back. So, always say thank you!

  1. Don’t litter, let others kill their targets

Of course, you are familiar with the term trash in online games, which means grabbing other people’s targets. When someone is beating a monster and you suddenly come and hit the monster, this is called trash. Obviously, this is very, very rude. It is like taking the queue on the busway. What’s wrong with excusing me first? You just have to type “hitchhiking”

Nyampah is not only in MMORPG, they are also in other genre games such as FPS and MOBA. In Dota 2 itself, the term nyampah is called Kill Steal (KS).

  1. Respect your Party members

Get used to excuse me first if you want to AFK, so that your party mates can delay for a while beating the boss monsters until you return. In addition, don’t suddenly AFK when your party friends are already in action. This will disrupt farming activities, sometimes even having to make it difficult for party friends to heal your AFK character. Just imagine, especially if you use the priest or tanker character, a party will go into chaos due to your irresponsible actions.

In addition, make it a habit to work well with the team. Don’t be good at beating monsters straight away without warning or careful team preparation. As the saying goes “due to a speck of indigo, the milk is damaged.” Because of your carelessness, one party all died.

  1. Whatever happens, stay focused

If you are a Dota 2 player, you must have experienced this. When one person disconnects at the start of the game, the others will most likely leave the game. Or worse, the player who disconnected was even made the scapegoat for the team’s defeat. Remember, you know, disconnect is not what they want, this is unexpected (even though sometimes there are people who accidentally disconnect). Also, when you think you’re going to lose, don’t leave the game. Keep completing the game, don’t leave your teammates!

When playing mmorpg, one party member suddenly disconnects when you enter the dungeon to beat up the boss monster. Wait for them to come back, at least 15 minutes. After all, they have been helping, right, before arriving at the boss monster?

  1. Don’t get ripped off

Whatever happens, play sportsmanship. If you lose, admit defeat, if you win don’t be arrogant either. Do not also become corrupt to bring up your parents, race and religion. And most importantly, never use cheats to play. True gamers are always well behaved.

So, be nice when you play online games. Respect all existing players, respect them, you will automatically get the same reply. By the way, when are we playing games together?

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