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General - Poplaramber88 - August 20, 2020

It is not strange anymore if we see a game and game players that we often dub with the phrase “the gamers” nickname appears when someone always wants to express and spend time in a game and until all the time is spent just to play the game. well, before we know what is the zone that makes gamers survive in their zone we must know a little about the terms in the game world.

  • GGWP stands for Good Game, Well Played.
  • Imba comes from the word Imbalance which means it is without equal.
  • The cell referred to here is Hit Points which explains the condition of life in the game.
  • The word Noob is usually thrown at newbie gamers who play poorly in a game.
  • Party is a term used to get other gamers into a group with the same goal, having fun.
  • GB is a term used to ask for help raising levels for stronger gamers. Usually, GB is used by two or more gamers as a strategy to fight monsters.

Now that’s just a few terms, there are still many other terms. now we will find out what the hell, what makes the gamers survive in their game.

  1. The first is that the game for gamers is a challenge that makes them throw up all the expressions to trigger their adrenaline in a game.
  2. The second is the game for gamers not to bored because it creates an extreme nuance and always has a level in achieving a goal in gamers, many facilities are also provided to make gamers feel at home with the game application they play right.
  3. The third is that games can produce benefits for gaming professionals. The advantage can be in the form of awards for players who are already pro games and participate in gaming tournaments organized by several sponsors.
  4. The fourth is the game is always there when it’s alone that makes some gamers forget the time until they forget themselves because they feel the game is part of them.
  5. The fifth is the meaning of ingame allowance means that as a gamer, definitely must be kept up-to-date with matters relating to the game that he plays. For example some MOBA mobile games that require their players to buy a hero or character to be able to enjoy all the variations of the available heroes.
  6. The sixth is that gamers also learn things about strategy and tactics for living life. There are special games where the game is designed using strategy and tactics. This triggers our brain to think using good strategies and correct techniques in order to continue the game.
  7. The seventh is that gamers are rarely affected by mental disorders such as stress and depression. People design games as entertainment for us. And for a gamer, playing the game is just like our world as in it. So we can arrange it according to our wishes. By being able to manage our lives in the game, our lives are free from the burdens of life. And can make us stay young.

So guys, I already know what makes gamers feel at home playing games until they forget that time because they feel comfortable playing games, so don’t often think that game players are just wasting money, because they have their own reasons and comforts. I tell you this is only a part of the guys, there are still many more zones for gamers to feel comfortable playing the game and very comfortable with their game.

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