Beginner Players Will Have Difficulty Playing This Multiplayer Game

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When you play single-player games, you can always lower your difficulty if you are stuck in a difficult part. But that kind of thing doesn’t apply when playing multiplayer / online games. If you are slaughtered or confused about what happened, you only have two options, namely between leaving the game or giving up and accepting your fate throughout the match.

Multiplayer games, especially those that are old or based on popular franchises, usually have good and competitive players who can enter your matchmaking at any time. So if you are new to the game, chances are that you will be tortured in your first game by players who have passed the noob phase. Even if you are lucky to be found with a completely new player, the experience of playing at the beginning will still be difficult because of the complexity of the mechanics or how “busy” is going on on the screen.

In this article, we will discuss games that provide a similar experience, at least from ours. Here are 9 multiplayer games where new players will be tortured.


  1. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is known as a difficult game because of its aggressive enemies, a system where you lose all “XP” if you die constantly, and also a boss that can kill you easily. Broadly speaking, this game is not a multiplayer game, but there are PVP and PVE components added.

If you feel difficult at a certain boss, you can use humanity and find other players who are willing to help, usually they put it near the boss’s door. However, if you do, the invaders will also enter your game.

Invaders are the opposite of what you want, they come to invite you to a duel. It is highly likely that you will be visited by them before finding friends, so if you are not good, you will be defeated by invaders, return to hollow, use humanity, return to meet invaders and the circle of Dark Souls torture will continue until you run out of humanity. Because the game doesn’t support a chat system, the invader won’t know if you are a new player who is having a hard time, so you have to improvise, adapt, overcome when playing this game.


  1. MOBA PC

Compared to mobile MOBAs, MOBAs on PCs like DOTA 2 and League of Legends will leave new players confused. There is no intention of isolating mobile MOBAs, the games on this platform are deliberately simplified due to the limitation of input on the touchscreen, a different story from those on a PC where there are 101 more buttons in the grip of the player where each button has its own function.

Not only a matter of buttons, MOBA is known for its collection of heroes and items that can be combined with various different combinations, with this wide variety, new players will be confused about what this hero is, what items are suitable, which skills should come first, and so.

With the majority of MOBA games released free-to-play, it’s likely that you who are new to smurf players who know better than you and as a result you will be slaughtered before you know what is even happening on the monitor screen.


  1. Starcraft 2

If MOBA is difficult for newcomers because of the many skills, heroes and item combinations that must be learned, Starcraft 2 or even RTS is generally difficult because of the many hotkeys that you have to memorize so that the match can run optimally. The community of this game has been known to be filled with veteran players who remember where each hotkey is in the game better than whether they have eaten or not.


  1. ARMA

ARMA is not a typical military shooter game that you often play, this franchise is designed as a military simulation with a very accurate representation on the field. You can die in one shot and you can die without knowing where the enemy is shooting from.

In this multiplayer mode, it’s not uncommon for you to be met by players who are super serious and use military command terms and codes, especially on roleplay servers. Therefore, if you are a new player in this game, you must be familiar with the unusual gameplay rate of military games in general.


  1. Battlefield

Battlefield is included in this list not because of its complexity, but because of how busy, noisy and bombastic each match is in this game. A few seconds after you respawn, you will likely die again being shot by enemies you don’t know where they are coming from because of the wide map, giving you exposure from various angles, especially when trying to take objectives.


  1. Rainbow Six Siege

Imagine Overwatch combined with Counter-Strike, that’s the easiest description I can give of Rainbow Six Siege. This competitive Ubisoft game now has more than 50 operators, each of whom has their own uniqueness and role. Then you are guaranteed to be confused about who to choose and what your job is with the operator you just selected.

Not only a matter of operators, this game has several complexities that are generated due to the game’s destructable wall system. Then it is likely that you are confused about the map design, which walls to protect, which walls to make a hole in and much more. If there is a wrong move, then get ready to be raved about by players who are playing this game longer.


  1. Grand Theft Auto Online

Being a new player in GTA Online feels like being an overseas child in a big city. Without the help of an experienced acquaintance or friend, you will be confused about what to do and have to grind badly to be successful. This gaming community is filled with people who are already rich because they have played for a long time or because they have bought shark cards. So those of you who have just entered the server seem to be a new crap. You can still play solo, but playing with friends who are veterans is really a recommendation to skip the early-game torture from GTA Online.


  1. The majority of fighting games

The fighting genre is a game genre that requires dedication. Each game and each character has a different key combination, so dexterity, accuracy and timing are the keys to playing this game in the online duel arena. New players will definitely be blind to the combos of each character, so if you dare to jump into multiplayer matchmaking when you still don’t know what buttons to press, you will be tortured by those who are already good and the duel will take place in seconds.


  1. DayZ, Rust, and similar survival games Dayz

Games like Rust, DayZ, Minecraft and the like where you have to survive, collect supplies, and can be shot by anyone with evil intentions. These games are arguably far from noob-friendly, seeing all the players want to hoard, it is likely that you will die of being attacked by other players rather than dying of hunger or dehydration.

Just like GTA Online, games with this genre are better played together with friends who are already good at or at least know what to do. Playing this game solo as a newcomer will really test your patience unless you are lucky to meet other good players.

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