7 Multiplayer Games We Love to Watch

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - October 26, 2020

It sounds impossible, but some games are really fun to watch. The audience’s own goals vary to seek entertainment from streamers because they are ridiculous, good at it, looking for guides, or just watching them compete. It is as if the current gaming era has become like a real sports match. Where we watch more than play the sport. Here are 7 fun ones to watch.


7. Heartstone

Heartstone is only a TCG game, but TCG requires a very mature strategy. If likened to Heartstone, it is more like a chess match. Even though it is calm, every step taken will get appreciation. No wonder many people choose to watch, whether it’s for studying, or indeed they just want to see strategy battles in TCG games.


6. Fortnite
Fortnite requires hand speed to build and also maximum aim because this is a gameshooter. Seeing good players who seemed to easily form buildings and shoot at their opponents. Making this game look very beautiful when watched. Not to mention the collaboration between teams, where each of them expresses its strategy and the position of the enemy.


5. Overwatch
This game, which has won the Game of the Year award, is indeed very exciting. FPS games with roles make this game seem full of strategy. Brutally attack, maintain position, attack with skills that can destroy any enemy. Or do a lot of kills or do an impossible aim. It’s no wonder Overwatch is so much fun even when you’re just watching it.


4. CS: GO
Next there is a game that has succeeded in making Shroud’s name. Even though there are so many shooter games that have appeared on the surface of CS: GO, it is actually stable with the number of players. This game also has a lot of tactic and outplay that is almost impossible. Like 1 kill 5 or wipe in a few seconds, or maybe a comeback that you never thought of. Making this game is also very fun to watch.


3. Apex Legends

Become a game that popularizes roles, characters and skills. Making this game one of the fastest-rising games and still one of the most watched games on Twitch. From that number of viewers alone, this game is indeed fun to watch. Fast pace shootouts accompanied by epic teamwork are the hallmarks of this game. Not to mention the clutch play presented by Apex Legends heroes.


2. LOL
From time to time the game League of Legend or as we know it as LOL. Being the top viewers on Twitch is proof that LOL is indeed very fun to watch. I don’t know why the Moba game has become one of the most exciting games to watch. So many possibilities, so many things that are beyond use. However, to realize it requires skills above average.


1. Dota 2

Although not as popular as LOL on twitch, the DOTA 2 audience could explode when the biggest eSport show in the world The International started. Outplay, teamwork, buyback, comeback, plus great commentators make the show always stay later. As a game that has succeeded in popularizing Moba and can be said to be the oldest. Dota 2 high skill matches are always in the future.


It cannot be denied that these games are very competitive games. It takes persistence to become better and better, it takes a lot of flying hours to get more experienced. And that doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun to play. But those with above average skills are able to provide so much entertainment that you can enjoy like a sports competition.

These are 7 fun games to watch. So what do you think? Do you agree that these games are more fun to watch? or maybe you have another opinion? or do you have a multiplayer game that is also fun to watch? please comment in the comments column, hopefully this is useful and thank you.

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