5 Unique Games to Play at Christmas With Friends and Family

Social Games - Poplaramber88 - December 23, 2020

Christmas holidays are coming! Come on, make Christmas Eve even more exciting by holding Christmas games with your family and closest friends. To bring a festive atmosphere on Christmas Eve celebrations, you don’t need to be complicated, you know. With simple tools and materials you can create a fun Christmas game that you can play as a crowd.

Below, there are several Christmas games that you can try to make your Christmas atmosphere even more fun.


Build a Snowman

To play this Christmas game you need toilet roll paper to make a snowman. First, invite one of your friends or family members to become a snowman, by covering your friend’s entire body using the rolled tissue and adding some snowman decorations such as a hat, black paper buttons, and an orange paper funnel to make his nose. Exciting, right?


Snowball Toss Game

This game is one of the classic group games, which is played using a Christmas Wreath (a round Christmas ornament with a hole in the center) and a snowball-sized marshmallow. You can replace this equipment with paper cups and cotton balls. The way to play it is by hanging Christmas Wreaths or paper cups to be the target of throwing marshmallows, then divide your family members into two teams, start racing and see who has the most marshmallows he is the winner.



Start by playing some holiday songs or the one you like and invite all your friends to dance. After the song stopped suddenly, all the players had to “freeze up”. Then walk around the players and make them laugh until they move. Who moves, he loses!


Jingle Ball Shake

This game is very simple, all you need is an empty tissue box and 10 jingle bells (small balls decorated with Christmas trees, or you can change them to ping pong balls). Tie the empty tissue box behind the player’s waist, by making a hole in each lower right corner of the tissue box and tie it with a rope, put 10 jingle bells in the box, and play a song. Each player has one minute to get as many balls out of the box as possible. Ready to dance ?!


Pass the Candy Cane

This game doesn’t have a winner, but it’s still fun because everyone can play it at the end of the midnight game. All player members have to put the candy cane in their mouth with the curved tip outside and move the candy cane using the candy cane in the mouth. This game is the best game to cover your Christmas games event!


So, what are you waiting for, prepare all the equipment you need for the game. All the games above will be fun to play together. Have fun and have a great time celebrating Christmas!

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